Few things answer the obvious question – what do you do? – better than actual examples of our projects. Here are 5 client questions we are working on right now.


How can we position ourselves as a leader in ESG investing?

ESG investing continues to grow in global importance. As it makes greater retail inroads, our client wants to define a differentiated approach toward defining and marketing its capabilities.


Should we define and execute an engagement strategy for Millennials NOW? If so, what should it look like?

Millennials stand to inherit $40 trillion in wealth over the coming decades. Acting on that reality requires understanding the facts and attitudes of Millennials, competitive marketing approaches, and the true scope of the opportunity. We are helping our client define the WHEN, WHAT, and HOW for engaging Millennials.


Our Web site needs a dramatic overhaul. How do we develop a new site that competes with the industry’s best?

Any firm that wishes to compete with the industry’s best realizes a subpar Web site represents a significant problem. In this case our client had its Sales team actively discouraging advisors from visiting the site. We are developing a strategy that puts a practical spin on the must-haves, supports the client’s differentiated business model and value proposition, and best integrates with Sales process.


Our program for top producing advisors has gotten stale. Is it worthwhile to overhaul it? Should we leave it as-is? Or should we decommission it altogether?

What was as business-as-usual offering is now being evaluated against other marketing priorities. We are bringing a comprehensive view of competitive top producer programs to help our client determine the future of theirs.


What are the gaps in our advisor-focused content strategy?

Maybe 1 in 100 advisors will sit down and read an 8-page whitepaper from start to finish. To effectively influence advisors, firms are investing heavily in finding the right balance of content, format, and delivery to stand out from the competition. We are translating our client’s vast array of institutionally-oriented thought leadership and practice management resources into a cohesive, concise content strategy that is truly client-centric and realistic to execute.