Best Blogs of the Week #275

Best Blogs of the Week #275

Formats matter in blog posts. This week I highlight three important blog components. Not shockingly, high-quality posts have:

  1. an excellent title
  2. at least 1 compelling or different graphic
  3. high-quality, concise writing


Best title comes from…

Aberdeen for “Week in review: White House meltdown

A compelling chart from …

M&G for “Be wary of our obsession with anniversaries


High-quality writing comes from …

Invesco for “Global fixed income: What market threats lie ahead?” with this

  • The good: The synchronized global cyclical upswing will likely continue, in our view. This would mean good growth with inflation generally below major central banks’ targets — a situation that would encourage policy normalization but without too much tightening.
  • The bad: In the longer term, however, the trends don’t look as positive. Adverse demographics and low productivity growth are likely to restrict economic growth prospects in developed and emerging markets.
  • The ugly: Key political and policy threats in the US, Europe and China represent downside risks to the current cyclical upswing.