March Madness 2017


March Madness 2017

Many of you are thinking about brackets and who to place in the Final Four this year. It’s a big year for Mike (and seemingly 50% of the ESPN television personalities) as his Wildcats are in the Big Dance for the first time. Ever.

(Needless to say, Northwestern getting in was properly celebrated:

– Mike)

So for what it’s worth (i.e., literally zero), here are Final Four picks:

East Midwest South West
Anu  Villanova Oregon UCLA Arizona
Mike  Wisconsin  Michigan Butler  Gonzaga

Plus two thoughts from me:

  • Always take Mike’s picks over mine. In any sport.
  • I’m putting the Shockers and Mustangs through to the Sweet Sixteen.

And Mike:

  • Nobody will remember my picks when it’s said and done so I’m going with selections that will (a) make me happy and (b) not be viewed as too insane.
  • I’ve seen Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, and a number of other schools win enough already. Let’s all root for underdogs!

(photo courtesy of The Daily Northwestern)