Consulting firms tend to look the same. Same business model, same jargon, same claims on what they can do for you. We designed Naissance differently in ways that matter to our clients. We set out three principles:

Partners Do the Work

No army of junior analysts. No outsourcing. We are fully invested in everything we do.

Repackage Nothing

We start every project with a clean slate. Everything from our frameworks to our PowerPoint text is developed originally for every client.

Efficiency Matters

Nobody should sacrifice quality, and that quality should come with as much speed and as little cost as possible.

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  • Wildcats
    March Madness 2017

    Many of you are thinking about brackets and who to place in the Final Four this year. It’s a big year for Mike (and seemingly 50% of the ESPN television personalities) as his Wildcats are in the Big Dance for … [read more]

  • Homepage
    Site Banners: To Rotate or Not to Rotate?

    We’re working with a client to develop a plan to revitalize their Web sites. In a discussion focused on homepages, a specific topic came up: banners. More specifically, there was a straightforward question: what’s better, static or rotating homepage banners? … [read more]

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    (Look below for a highly indicative price-to-book chart.) Two posts this week capturing basic considerations about valuation: one for equities and one for bonds. SSgA – Charting the Market: With Global Stocks at All-Time Highs, Where is Value Emerging? – It shows … [read more]

  • Best Blogs of the Week #267

    A midweek catch-up post detailing three interesting posts (not related to the French election) BNY Mellon – The Pearl River Delta: the Achilles Heel of US protectionism – In our view, President Trump would need to introduce very stiff tariffs … [read more]

  • Best Blogs of the Week #266

    Two posts covering a range of topics, including the recent US equity slumber. BlackRock – The seesaw relationship of volatility and momentum stocks – The relationship between volatility and momentum has actually strengthened in recent years. Since the end of … [read more]

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