Consulting firms tend to look the same. Same business model, same jargon, same claims on what they can do for you. We designed Naissance differently in ways that matter to our clients. We set out three principles:

Partners Do the Work

No army of junior analysts. No outsourcing. We are fully invested in everything we do.

Repackage Nothing

We start every project with a clean slate. Everything from our frameworks to our PowerPoint text is developed originally for every client.

Efficiency Matters

Nobody should sacrifice quality, and that quality should come with as much speed and as little cost as possible.

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  • MFEA and Chicago
    5 Biggest Topics from Marketers at MFEA

    In late October, I attended the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA) Annual Marketing Council event (Nothing better than Chicago during the Cubs run towards greatness). Over a month later, five topics have remained in my mind. If you have thoughts … [read more]

  • podcast
    The Last Podcast Post We Need to Write

    The macro picture surrounding podcasts is pretty astounding. There are now hundreds of thousands of podcasts globally with total downloads now over a billion. On a monthly basis more than 1 in 5 US adults listens to at least one.[1] … [read more]

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  • Best Blogs of the Week #252

    Nearly a month after the election, the industry continues evaluating potential changes forthcoming from the President-Elect (Trumpflation) amongst over traditional blog topics. AB – Trumpflation Risk: What You Need to Know – For anyone who is either investing or evaluating investment managers, … [read more]

  • Reflation
    Best Blogs of the Week #251

    Favorite post of the week covers reflation (Act of stimulating the economy by increasing the money supply or by reducing taxes, seeking to bring the economy back up to the long-term trend, following a dip in the business cycle. It … [read more]

  • Best Blogs of the Week #250

    POTUS 45. There’s not much for me to say that hasn’t been written all over the Internet. From reading 50+ blog posts related to the election, I can affirm asset managers tread lightly with opinion. Asset managers are more comfortable … [read more]

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