Consulting firms tend to look the same. Same business model, same jargon, same claims on what they can do for you. We designed Naissance differently in ways that matter to our clients. We set out three principles:

Partners Do the Work

No army of junior analysts. No outsourcing. We are fully invested in everything we do.

Repackage Nothing

We start every project with a clean slate. Everything from our frameworks to our PowerPoint text is developed originally for every client.

Efficiency Matters

Nobody should sacrifice quality, and that quality should come with as much speed and as little cost as possible.

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  • deviation
    Straying from a Standard Can Be Dangerous

    Our clients know we dig deep to unearth findings and recommendations worth pursuing. Sometimes that leads us to cataloging fact sheet data points across asset classes and boundaries (curious to the most frequent MPT stat in Belgium? Ask Mike!) In … [read more]

  • The Professional
    Super Bowl 50: Highest Impact Commercial

      Like most 2016 viewers, I’m equally interested in the commercials and the game (especially in this year’s defensive battle). There were so many clever commercials that made me laugh. But for me, the highest impact commercial came from Henkel‘s … [read more]

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  • Best Blogs of the Week #228

    Two posts this week, both looking at international market. Broad financial news outlets seemed highly focused on fixed income markets with prognostications related to US Treasuries and the negative rate via the BOJ. We thought to eschew posts similarly guessing … [read more]

  • Best Blogs of the Week #227

    This week’s best blogs includes only two posts. Both posts highlighted here cover macroeconomic issues impacting investors’ perspectives. They’re both heavily covered by the financial news. BlackRock – The key ingredient needed for future returns  – Going forward, the market … [read more]

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